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Just Imagine Yourself…

Dressing like a Million Dollar Woman
Rapidly Up Levelling Your Confidence, Your Influence & Your Income
Attracting Amazing Opportunities into Your Life
Falling in Love With Your Body and Your Style

Do you hate the clothes in your closet?

What’s in your wardrobe right now that makes you feel so confident that you stand out online, rock every sales call, and exponentially level up your influence as a Million Dollar Woman?
How you look on the outside is a projection of how you feel about yourself on the inside.
The good news is, you can BE different just by tapping into the right feelings with your clothing.





The Right Clothing Will Change Your Life

Did you know that you can dramatically shift your business, your career and your life just by changing your style?
It all starts with your vision. Finding the right style that will enable you to step into a Million Dollar Woman.

About Annie

The Reinvention Stylist 

The Million Dollar Style Method was born out of my extreme frustration that came from watching women trying to fit the impossible beauty standards of the fashion industry.
My own lack of success with those methods led to a huge realization: there was a major need in the marketplace for a simplified way of empowering women to rapidly up level their confidence by dressing like a Million Dollar Woman — without having to spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe, lose a ton of weight or be forced into adopting a style that isn’t in alignment with their vision, their brand or their business.
While I am thrilled with how this process has changed my own life, the most rewarding part of this process is, without a doubt, the stories of women who have transformed their lives by powerfully stepping into the big dreams they have for themselves as Million Dollar Women and claiming their irresistibly magnetic feminine power in a style they love.
I couldn’t be more grateful for their stories.

The Results My Clients Are Getting…

“My new wardrobe feels like ‘Christina’ and is matching so effortlessly with my vision of the woman I see myself becoming! Your support is sooo appreciated and your expertise is so worth the investment!”

~ Christina Wessendorf – Inner Peace Coach

“I had an epiphany today as I looked at the outfit you helped me pick out. It totally represented my brand! I felt so confident and powerful that I landed my first corporate customer!”

~ Sharon-Rose McNeil — CEO Honor Sales

“I didn’t realize how much my self sabotaging clothing habits were affecting my success! Since I started working with Annie, I’m ROCKING it and OWNING the room! I do not know if I have ever felt this confidence level before!”


~ Debra Tischler – Speaker, Coach

 “I realize that I wanted to fit in rather than be noticed. You gave me permission to break the rules and coordinate things I would have never thought of. I’ve gotten so many compliments after wearing some of the outfits we made in the short time we were together.”


~ Beth Nelson — CEO Ignited Women

Our Core Values:

FREEDOM: We believe that every woman has the right to dress like a Million Dollar Woman and freely express herself with her own, unique style.
CREATIVE SELF-EXPRESSION: We believe that it is every woman’s right to break fashion rules like a badass.
NEW PARADIGM: We believe that every woman has the right to wear whatever makes her feel like a Million Dollar Woman.
LIMITLESS: We believe that wearing clothes that make you feel a Million Dollar Woman is like wearing your very own Superhero cape.
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: We believe that wearing your Superhero cape opens up doors of unlimited opportunities.

Do You Need a Wardrobe Intervention?

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear that activates unstoppable confidence for your upcoming online speaking gigs, podcasts, or TV interviews? 
The Reinvention Stylist has you covered!
Let’s magically create some killer power outfits from your closet so you feel so confident and radiant you stand out like a Rock Star online!


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